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Tatyana Kiknadze

Hello, my name is Tatyana. 

Here just a bit about me and my road to becoming a barber.
I was born in the beautiful country of Georgia. I performed my first cut at the age of 12, grooming my miniature poodle. Hey, don't be judgmental, hair is hair, especially curly hair. I was encouraged after my baby received the gold at the Eurasian dog show. My blond, straight-haired cousin was one of my first 'victims'. He should have thought twice to volunteer as we had to shave it all off. But being a placid person, he agreed to get another haircut with me when his hair was back. That was the moment when most of my relatives and friends stopped making jokes on me, and many agreed to be my guinea pigs. These were elder, half, or almost bold guys, predominantly my uncles. Years passed before one of them finally allowed me to use my scissors instead of manicure nippers.

The milestone here - I decided to improve my skills and become a professional. Unfortunately, my parents did not support my endeavor. After attending and graduating from the Georgian cosmetologist school, I continued to perfect my skill by taking classes from European stylists; one was the incredible American Rick.

...I started my business in 2002. The haircuts I create are easy to maintain. I do not go against the nature of your hair and the direction of its growth. I consider your wishes, harmony with your distinctive features, preference in lifestyle, and the convenience in care to create your perfect new hairstyle. Your hairstyle will last and look good longer, even without styling products.

I barbered in New York at Mr. Joseph's Village Hairstyles for a couple of years when initially coming to the US. There are YELP reviews online, which you are welcome to check out. More recently, I moved to Rockport, Texas, and opened up my studio, T-Style Barber Studio.

If you have any further questions or to make an appointment, 
pick up your phone and give me a call.

See you soon!